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MIRANDA developed INFINIUM with the perfect combination of premium materials and cutting edge technology. INFINIUM crankset is for sure the most advanced, durable and a true leader in performance and riding control.

It is also the first model to incorporate the exclusive ChainFlow technology that provides many advantages over narrow-wide profiles, with improved wear resistance, chain load distribution, chain guidance and an earlier and more controlled linking, for the best chain retention that will last for a long time. 

What is the chainflow technology? ChainFlow patented technology prevents chain drops and provide many advantages over narrow-wide profiles.
The teeth attach directly on the rollers of the chain, providing an earlier linking, more contact base, better chain load distribution and guidance, and superb wear resistance since the overall operation is smoother.
Infinium ChainFlow technology Infinium ChainFlow technology Infinium ChainFlow technology
Regular Chainring Regular Chainring Regular Chainring


Miranda Delta award-winning crank is produced by a unique aluminium cold-forging process with cutting-edge metal processing technologies. With a dedicated engineering process to nullify the weak points and distribute the loads applied seamlessly,
Crank Arm Material Cold forged Alloy
Weight615gr (30t)
Available Arm Lengths170mm, 175mm
OptionGXP, BB30


    INFINIUM Chainrings are unique and 100% made of aerospace grade titanium alloy. These are the lightest and stiffest chainrings available in the market, with a 28t just weighting 33,5g.

    Incorporating the patented ChainFlow® technology, these chainrings have the best and the most long lasting chain retention available today.

    A multi-layer and custom formulated nanotechnology coating increases further the durability, reduces largely the friction (for the maximum energy efficiency) and implements an auto-lubricating flexing shield for a smooth operation between the chain and the chainring.

    These rings are available from 28T to 44T (including odds), with a BCD 88 from 28T to 38T, and BCD 104 from 39T to 44T.


    "The titanium made chainring has no flex, providing a very strong pedal stroke. With the extra contact base of the ChainFlow, the low friction of the nanotechnology coating and all other details combined, the performance of INFINIUM is unrivaled."

      Titanium Infinium Bolts and Nuts

      INFINIUM crankset has dedicated bolts and nuts, all made using titanium alloy.

      With improved resistance to vibrations and loosening, the M15 screw was designed to be very lightweight (11g) but taking advantage of the extreme rigidness of titanium alloy.

      The spider bolts and nuts are also made in titanium alloy. With a 2,5g per set, these are very light and durable. A conformal metal-based thin film further improves the surface properties and gives an exceptional aesthetic black finish.


        • 166mm

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