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Miranda-Mortágua Captures Huge Results in the Tour of Portugal of the Future

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3 Stage Wins; Victory in the Points Classification; and 2nd in the Team Classification Add Up for the U23 team

The UCI Continental team, Miranda-Mortágua, finished the 26th edition of the Tour of Portugal of the Future — the nation’s queen’s race for U23 racers — yesterday, Sept. 9, by scaling the ranks thanks to some outstanding results.

In all, Pedro Silva's team won three stage victories, claimed first place in the Points Classification, clinched 2nd in the Mountains Classification and 2nd in the Teams General Classification, and scored 3rd and 7th in the General Classification.

"We worked hard to achieve victory; this was our desire and goal for the race,” Silva said. “We were the team that worked the hardest toward stage victories, and toward the overall victory. We didn’t bring home the yellow jersey, but even so, we left with our heads held high. We are all to be congratulated with the results we obtained. We knew we were the only ones to battle with the winning team, plus it was Miranda-Mortágua that livened up the race from start to finish, and gained satisfying results."

It was on Friday, September 7th in which Miranda-Mortágua began to write its story when Francisco Campos triumphed upon arrival into Abrantes, the race’s third and longest stage. Campos, the sprinter, was the first to cross the finish in commanding fashion after another excellent performance by the whole team.

The next day, a long, hard Saturday with back-to-back races, Miranda-Mortágua repeated the feat but this time with a double dose. Francisco Campos won the morning stage while Jorge Magalhães took the win in the individual time trial, which took place of that afternoon in Castelo de Vide.

After the previous day’s victory, the team's confidence was on the rise. The 80 km race route, which connected Abrantes with Castelo de Vide, Miranda-Mortágua recognized its chances for another win in a sprint, and drove up the pace. The squad went all out in the last 15 km.

Once he’d reached the cobbles of Castelo de Vide, Francisco Campos turned up the gas in the final sprint and collected his second consecutive victory in this race.

Jorge Magalhães, a specialist in the individual time trial, also notched a top spot as the only racer to finish under 13 minutes, with a time of 12’58” — 10 seconds faster than second place. This was a superb performance that filled the whole team with pride.

Yesterday Miranda-Mortágua arrived in Santarém where Francisco Campos finished second. Once the stages were tallied up, the results showcased exemplary teamwork over the 5-day competition: three stage wins, two by Francisco Campos and one by Jorge Magalhães; Francisco Campos took home the black jersey for winning the Points Classification; Hugo Nunes placed 3rd in the General classification, while Jorge Magalhães finished 7th to close out the Top 10. Hugo Nunes also took 2nd and the brown jersey in the Mountains Classification; and to cap it off, Miranda-Mortágua claimed 2nd in the Team Classification.

"We worked hard for the yellow, but it wasn’t possible," confided Pedro Silva.

"Nothing failed, we were the prevailing favorites. Gonçalo Carvalho came off of an excellent result in the Tour of Portugal, but pressure may have prevented him from doing more in the queen stage. Still, we always tried to get good results and we finished with a clear and positive outlook where, in addition to the team’s results, we were fearless and close-knit. We can only be satisfied with the results and the attitude shown," Silva concluded.

Next Sunday, September 16, Miranda-Mortágua will return to the road to race the 5th edition of the Tour to Bairrada, in Anadia, where the fourth and final race of the Santa Casa Portuguese Cup, which will pit elite and U23 racers against each other and where the team will participate with the ambition to win the Under-23 General Classification.




1st - Iúri Leitão (Sicasal-Constantinos-Delta Cafés) 2h49m36s

2nd - Francisco Campos (Miranda-Mortágua) mt

15th - Hugo Nunes (Miranda-Mortágua) mt

41st - Jorge Magalhães (Miranda-Mortágua) at 17s

55th - José Sousa (Miranda-Mortágua) 3m43s

56th - Gonçalo Carvalho (Miranda-Mortágua) 4m43s

57th - Tiago Leal (Miranda-Mortágua) 4m56s


60th - Damien Cordeiro (Miranda-Mortágua) 5m57s



1st - Venceslau Fernandes (Liberty Seguros-Carglass) 15h48m07s

3rd - Hugo Nunes (Miranda-Mortágua) a 33s

7th - Jorge Magalhães (Miranda-Mortágua) 1m36s

24th - Francisco Campos (Miranda-Mortágua) 10m18s

28th - Gonçalo Carvalho (Miranda-Mortágua) 13m07s

40th - Tiago Leal (Miranda-Mortágua) 27m29s

44th - José Sousa (Miranda-Mortágua) 34m54s

60th - Damien Cordeiro (Miranda-Mortágua) 01h01m57s



1st - Francisco Campos (Miranda-Mortágua): 84 Points



2nd - Hugo Nunes (Miranda-Mortágua): 26 Points



2nd - Miranda-Mortágua: a 18s

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