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Artur Chaves Portugal

After the athletic club closed in Chaves's city, he needed to find something new to do and, since cycling had always interested him, he threw his leg over a bike, took off, and never looked back.

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Cool facts
Road - climber
Favorite food
Stewed veal hoof with garbanzos
Favorite music
Social media

What's your favourite race?

The Giro d'Italia


How did you start racing?

After the athletic club in my city closed down, I was interested in pursuing an individual sport; cycling was one that I'd always liked.


How do you train for competition?

I train with more commitment and dedication than before; I'm careful with food, and I take care to rest well.


What's your riding style?

I'm a climber, yet I like to ride in a casual and comfortable way.


What's been your best result?

It was becoming the national champion in the cadet category.


Tell us about your best race.

My best race was the national championship race in which I attacked in the second lap on a circuit of seven laps, and was able to stay out ahead until the end


What do you do in your free time?

I mainly study but also take advantage of a little relaxation time to watch TV series.

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