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Ivo Pinheiro Portugal

By day he's a bike racer, by night (and probably a bit by day), he's a university student who studies management. A power racer, Ivo puts as much mental strength into racing as he does physical strength.

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Cool facts
Favorite racecourse
No particular race but I like racing in stages.
Favorite food
I don’t have a special food; I'm not weird
Favorite music
Pretty pop and some rock, but nothing specific
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How did you start racing?
I started racing at a club near my home. Starting at age 11 I raced in national cross-country races.


How do you train for racing?
Normally when training for racing, it’s essential to have a good base. From there training is organized into blocks, and in all types of envrionments so as to be as complete a racer as possible.


What’s your riding style?
My riding style is powerful.


What’s been your best result?
My best result to date was 8th in the Portuguese National Championship.


Tell us about your best race
Before the national championship race started, I told my teammates that I was going to attack at Km 0 without considering the consequences. That’s what I did all the way until the end of the race, after several kilometers in all the breaks.


What do you do in your free time?
At the moment I am taking the Business Management course at the University of Beira Interior. But despite having little time, I enjoy listening to music and going to the cinema to see a good action movie.

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