INFINIUM Quality Performance Design
Miranda e Irmão, lda
Our Mission "Ignite the passion of cycling by delivering distinctive, inspired and trustworthy bicycle components". As a leading supplier for the bicycle OEM market with custom solutions for all the bicycle leading brands, MIRANDA has remained endlessly committed to pushing the envelope of excellence and innovation in the rapid changing bicycle market Know More
Miranda e Irmão, lda
Explore Miranda
Explore Miranda "The brand has been built on a foundation of precision, accuracy, design excellence and unmatched quality and reliability."
Technology ChainFLOW ChainFlow patented technology prevents chain drops and provide many advantages over narrow-wide profiles.
The teeth attach directly on the rollers of the chain, providing an earlier linking,...
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Products INFINIUM To further improve the performance, the titanium alloy chainring on INFINIUM is coated with a custom-formulated carbon nanoscale matrix shield, reducing friction to near zero and hugely increasing... Know More
History SINCE 1950 Miranda in our days is now supplying most of the European top brand bicycles and exporting to a wide range of countries, enlarging every year a strong reputation of quality maker and reliable partner. Know More
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